The 12 Best Gifts We Found on TikTok in 2022.

TikTok has ingrained itself into our daily lives over the past three years, and 2022 will be no different. The “TikTok Made Me Buy It” videos are what have us scrolling through and adding these must-have items to our cart as we’ve spent this year learning how to tie a scarf in the top 15 different ways, sparuce up our home decor to fit the “Coastal Grandmother” aesthetic, and try to make the delicious spicy air fryer shrimp. Here are the 30 finest gifts we found on TikTok to give yourself or someone on your list this holiday season, from the Always pan to the Beis Weekender backpack.

1. About Face Matte Fluid Eye Paint

PC- About face

This year on the platform, eye makeup was really popular (think: siren eyes, rockstar makeup and under eye blush). However, this $16 selection was the one thing that suddenly became viral. The eye paint claims to add a splash of colour with only one swipe, so naturally a few PureWow editors had to test that hypothesis. Spoiler alert: It’s accurate. It is available in 26 hues and is highly pigmented, matted, and generally smudge-free.

2. High Waisted Leggings with Colorful Koalas

PC- Muki

For good reason, these high-waisted yoga pants are currently Amazon’s best-selling item. Their comfort (mainly due to the seamless waistline) and variety of colours are attested to by the over 38,000 five-star evaluations. Don’t forget to mention the two deep side pockets to the runner in your life, as they come in handy for keeping anything from keys to phones.

3. Sola Wave

PC- Solawave

Just take a look at the gua sha, ice globes, and facial brushes for examples of how popular trendy skincare tools are on TikTok. Therefore, it is not surprising that red light therapy equipment is joining the fun. To smooth out rough skin, lessen the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, and gradually remove blemishes, use this wand for about five minutes each day. Since utilising my SolaWave is the ideal end-of-day treat, Olivia Kappler, editor of PureWow, says, “I’ve really started to look forward to using it.”

4. FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Exercise Bike for Home Offices

PC- Shape

 Give this standing desk and exercise bike to your new coworker (or your wonderful partner) as a    gift to keep them on their toes and out of your hair. Now they may walk their daily distance while accepting calls from work.

5. YogaToes

PC- Amazon

Know someone who is perpetually active? They’ll appreciate giving their toes a brief break from the discomfort and swelling while watching TV, or even better, browsing TikTok.

6. No Boundaries women’s knitting Ankle boots

PC- Farfetch

Yes, the upcoming colder months will see a big demand for these “Walmart boots.” Pick one of the three hues (bone, blush, or black), or grab them all. You (or your bestie the fashionista) can stay cosy all season for just $30 a piece.

7. PVO Mini Projector

PC- You tube

Sorry, but tiny projectors are now the preferred medium over televisions. Utilize one to binge-watch Stranger Things or take the “Fake Window Challenge” on TikTok, where users decorate their bedroom walls with eye-catching images of the outdoors, outer space, and even an aquarium. Of course, you could always just have a movie night.

8. Cleaner for Makeup Brushes

PC- Style pro

If you haven’t cleaned your brushes in a while, we won’t pass judgement. Let an electric cleaner take care of your issues. This tool includes eight rubber collars that allow it to work with almost any brush. Additionally, it only needs to be used in three simple steps: add cleaning solution and water, then watch as the machine gets rid of all the grime. Additionally, it dries them.

9. karaoke wireless bluetooth microphone from Bonoak

PC- Bonaok

Now is the moment to advance carpool karaoke. With the help of this Bluetooth microphone, you may perform in front of a packed arena of enthusiastic spectators. For your duet partner to enjoy adding some choreography to the mix, there is no need to tether it to your phone (or vehicle). (Or, if you want to embarrass your child during school drop-offs, use Tiktoker Tonia Erin.)

​​  10. Tennis Skirt

PC- Youtube

Now, to flaunt this stylish choice, you don’t have to be a professional athlete like Serena. Tennis skirts are a trendy piece of 2022 fashion that combine comfort and style. The essential characteristics of this one are a high waistline, a ruffled pattern, soft and elastic material, and secret  phone storage pockets. There are 21 colours available so it may match any outfit.

11. Smartphone UV Sanitizer PhoneSoap


Everyone has at least one friend that is glued to their phone (think Aunt May). So give them a cool tech item that charges any phone while sanitising it for ten minutes (or keys, smartwatches, or even your credit card).

12. Beis Weekender Bag

PC- Popsugar

A carry-on that fits everything and complies with TSA regulations will be appreciated by your travelling buddy. The tote has a big base where you can fit all of your clothes, a bottom compartment where you can store shoes and/or toiletries separately, and a rear sleeve where you can tuck it directly on top of your luggage as you move through the airport. One editor for PureWow spoke about the bag in the most glowing terms, saying, “The Beis Weekender has easily won a home among my travel staples and I’m jazzed to see where it comes with me next.”

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