My AirAsia Traveling Experience.

I must add that I have flown with AirAsia more than ten times in Asia, and each time has been a positive experience. It was pleasant for the money I paid, I didn’t feel unsafe, and I received the treatment I needed. Viva AirAsia!

You may read more about my AirAsia experience below:

How does flying with AirAsia actually feel?

I read a lot of reviews on AirAsia before my flight, some positive but generally negative. So, before my first journey with them, I was somewhat anxious. It wasn’t, however, nearly as horrible as the reviews indicated. I’ve actually flown with them more than ten times because they were so excellent!

Before purchasing an aeroplane ticket with AirAsia, you should be aware that the company is a cheap airline, therefore you shouldn’t hold your expectations too high.

Economy Class

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I’ve always reserved an economy seat when flying with AirAsia, which has worked out well every time.

Maximum duration I’ve been using AirAsia to travel.

Although the longest flight I’ve ever taken with AirAsia was only 4-5 hours long, everything went smoothly.


Daily flights operated by AirAsia arrive and leave from a number of Asian nations and locations.


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For the price you pay, the seats are comfy and of standard size. Don’t forget that this is a budget airline, so don’t have high expectations!


The weight limit for checked bags is 20 kg, and there is a fee for this service. Additionally, you are free to bring a cabin bag (56x36x23cm), a compact bag for your laptop or camera, and a smaller handbag. The hand luggage’s weight limit is 7 kilogrammes.


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The seats are fairly comfy and provide considerable leg room for a low-cost carrier. Pillows and blankets are available for purchase or rental. Additionally, there is a quiet zone area that is not accessible to customers travelling with kids under the age of 12.

In addition to this, you can add a tonne of extras when purchasing your ticket. For instance, early boarding, food, and an empty seat next to you (if the plane isn’t crowded).


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There is no free entertainment available on board. So be sure to carry a book or a tablet with movies or music if you want to save money and be amused. If you’re flying long-haul with AirAsia, you may rent a tablet that is loaded with movies, periodicals, TV shows, music, and a variety of games. You will pay about 17 USD in advance or 21 USD on board for this.


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Both at the airport and on board, the service is welcoming and supportive. It was lot nicer than what I anticipated, which was contrary to the unfavourable reports I’ve read. My needs were met, and I was made to feel extremely welcome. AirAsia provides excellent service for the cost of the ticket.


In general, my flights with AirAsia for the past +10 times have been positive. For the money you pay, the service, cuisine, and comfort levels are all satisfactory.

While visiting Asia, I most definitely advise purchasing your plane tickets through AirAsia. You always get a good deal and feel secure when you travel with them.

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