How to Transition Your Favorite Summer Clothes into Fall.

Look at a calendar, and it’s obvious that fall is approaching. However, just because fall officially starts on September 22 doesn’t mean that the weather will automatically shift to fit the season. When you’re up against erratic weather, it’s useful to know how to adapt your summer staples for the fall. After all, sweater season frequently feels a lot like shorts and tank top weather for a few weeks (especially on the east coast).

Cool mornings and stuffy, sweltering afternoons are common at the start of October. You may be drinking a steaming hot PSL to ward off the chill one minute, then stripping off layers and downing ice water the next. The key to remaining cosy throughout this perplexing shift isn’t what you order for a drink; rather, it’s how you dress for fall by layering your summer classics and making thoughtful matches.

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Think about a white tank top, for instance. According to Stitch Fix stylist Molly Roe, the timeless wardrobe piece can be effortlessly transferred to fall with the correct layering pieces, like a vegan leather blazer. The traditional wardrobe staple became *the* basic top of the summer in 2022. The idea is to develop styles that are sophisticated but adaptable, allowing you to feel at ease in any situation. Careful planning can be used to make almost any warm-weather wardrobe staple or trend work for early fall. We asked Roe to provide her top suggestions for how to make summer items work for early fall as they pertain to the hottest trends of summer 2022.

1.Tennis Skirts

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Roe tells InStyle that she frequently found herself styling clients in skirts from EleVen by Venus Williams because tenniscore had taken over summer trends in 2022. As fall approaches, Roe advises those who want to continue wearing tennis skirts to reach for denim jackets and cropped graphic hoodies to dress them up more appropriately for the weather. Additionally, depending on the temperature, you can always add or remove layers, she continues.

2. Pops of Pink

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Okay, so pink probably isn’t the colour that immediately springs to mind when you think of autumn, but Roe claims that any colour that falls under the Barbiecore category, including vibrant magenta (which Stitch Fix predicted would be this year’s hottest hue at the start of 2022), can still make a statement during the brisker season.

Roe tells InStyle that although fall is often associated with more subdued colours, pink dresses may still be worn. Layer an edgy moto jacket over a blush slip dress to help you get through the fall season, or wear a classic black turtleneck under a pink short dress for a mod, Twiggy-inspired fall look.

3. Mini and Micro-Mini Skirts

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There is a place for tiny and even micro-mini skirts in your fall wardrobe, despite what you might think as the temps begin to drop. The greatest advice from Roe for incorporating this summer essential into your fall wardrobe is to match the skin-baring bottom with warm knitwear, such a tie-dye sweater in a neutral colour. Roe advises InStyle to “take summer’s pleated skirt trend into the next season by topping it with a textured collared sweater” and complete the look “with a pair of neutral-colored lug sole boots” for a fall mini skirt look with a preppier flair.

4. Crop Tops and Baby Tees


Crop tops and baby tees are another micro-moment you can include in your fall wardrobe. To get the most use out of your favourite pieces throughout the cooler months, Roe advises choosing the ideal pair of high-waisted denim. These cherished Y2K mainstays actually make terrific summer to fall transitional goods.

The stylist tells InStyle via email: “Go-to brands that I often like to style my clients in are Good American, Levi’s, and Madewell.” Crop tops and tube tops go well with fall mainstays with an unexpected twist, such as a brightly coloured denim jacket or an oversized blazer, for milder days.

5. Coastal Grandma Flair    

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More than half of respondents to a Stitch Fix study (55%) said they were most eager to test the Coastal Grandmother trend this summer, and Roe thinks those who did will want to retain these pieces in their rotations for the fall. Roe tells InStyle, “To do so, I recommend splurging on a classic trench coat.” This fall wardrobe essential will look great with clothes that embody the classic Coastal Grandmother aesthetic, such cashmere sweaters and linen slacks.

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