Colors and combinations for September weddings.

When taking into account the season and even the month of your wedding, it might be difficult to choose the perfect colour scheme. On the other hand, if your wedding is scheduled for September, you are in luck! These September wedding colours are excellent for any themed wedding and will help you choose your ideal colour scheme.

These September colour schemes will make your wedding decor shine with the proper mix of accentuated neutrals and vivid colours for a unique balance, whether you are arranging your wedding ceremony to create a classic sophisticated style or leaning toward an elegant botanical scene.

Make your wedding day a dream come true by drawing inspiration from these September wedding colour schemes.

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Popular September Wedding Color Palettes

The month of September offers a variety of colour palettes that can go with any wedding theme, from strong burgundy to sage green. The wedding cake, bridesmaids’ outfits, and reception decor will all look better with these colour schemes! Use these suggestions for your upcoming wedding to find the ideal September colour.

Deep Burgundy and Gold

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Burgundy is undoubtedly the colour of autumn. We can see the richness of this audacious decision all around us in the natural world. As a result, incorporating a deep burgundy into your wedding design not only results in a sophisticated layout but also complements the season for the month of September.

Consider contrasting and balancing the matte burgundy with a sparkling gold for a sophisticated accent. This colour scheme will give you and your visitors the impression that they are entering a contemporary art museum next to a welcoming coffee shop. By incorporating the burgundy and gold style for your fantasy wedding, you can fully embrace the autumnal month of September.

Dusty Blue and Peach

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Dusty blue and soft peach make an intriguing colour pairing that contrasts yet again. This deep blue and grey combination’s ominous vibe can create a stunning colour scheme for your September wedding. The soft, vibrant peach is a beautiful addition to bring the wedding’s entire bridal concept together.

This colour combination is not only complementary to your wedding’s decor, but it can also be used to create stunning outfits. Try dressing your bridesmaids in the dusty blue while the flower girls wear the peach as a way to coordinate the colours.

The combination of elegance and pastel beauty in your ceremony will then be just right to leave your guests in wonder.

Sage Green and Light Grey

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Consider using sage green to bring a splash of colour to a romantic botanical wedding taking place in the middle of September. This soft tone is perfect for a boho-chic motif and goes well with the fall season. Light grey pairs well with this understated design.

With the lovely colour of sage green, bridesmaid dresses, ornamental vines, and even table runners appear even more aristocratic. You might find it simpler to style light pinks and flashes of white to liven up your wedding ceremony because these particular colours of grey and green are pretty mild.

For your ideal fairytale wedding, use this botanical colour combination to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of September.

Lavender and White

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Did you know that the colour lavender symbolises devotion and love? What better way to convey this color’s meaning than to use it at your own wedding? Lavender not only offers a revitalising colour palette for the chilly fall months, but it also goes well with various grey tones and the preferred wedding colour, white!

Stylish lavender bridesmaid gowns or a lavender tie with the grey suits of the guys will complement the bride’s wedding gown.

Even arrange lavender blossoms as the centrepieces for your wedding meal tables for an extra touch. This lavender colour scheme for your upcoming September wedding will be a hit with both you and your guests.

Champagne and Deep Purple

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A balanced colour scheme like champagne and deep purple is a fantastic fit for the season because September is known for its melancholy hues and autumnal feelings. Together, they make up the ideal bridal scene on a conventional wedding day.

The flower décor will be essential to making your wedding stand out in the fall with this colour scheme. Your champagne and purple flowers will add a stylish autumn touch when the leaves outside turn deep reds and oranges.

You will be immersed in a romantic environment for two lovers to join hands in marriage by the time you drape your wedding ceremony and celebration in the elegant pairing of champagne and deep purple.

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The conventional September hue of navy blue is another that complements gold well. Navy blue offers a dignified colour scheme for any elegant wedding venue, similar to the deep blue of the September birthstone, Sapphire, which stands for trust and loyalty.

Although gold is a wonderful complement for this gloomy shade, a burlap tan is also a fantastic choice because it gives your wedding scene a more relaxed feel.

In either case, choosing navy blue as the background colour for your September wedding is a wise choice. This fall colour scheme will make you and your guests fall in love as the two lovebirds join forces on their special day!

Brown and Beige

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Pairing brown and beige is the ideal option for individuals looking for a more neutral colour scheme for their big wedding day. This combination complements a bohemian wedding theme beautifully without detracting from the romantic day’s bridal atmosphere.

Your September wedding will have all of the seasonal settings inspired by your natural surroundings, with botanical motifs like Pampas grass and descending leaves. The brown and beige colour scheme goes well with the cold autumn weather, making it a particularly suitable choice for outdoor weddings.

For your ideal wedding to properly capture the romantic atmosphere of September, think about using brown and beige colours.

Teal and Tan

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Are you looking for a unique colour scheme for your wedding? These deep hues will go well together to create the ideal autumnal décor for your wedding ceremony or reception. This combo truly takes the cake by generating a variety of original decorating concepts for weddings that are held both indoors and outside.

Particularly suitable colours for a rustic wedding are teal and tan. You can create a lovely layout that will make your harvest wedding stand out by using teal antiques and burlap accents.

Add white flowers for a touch of bridal décor to bring out the rich hues of your September wedding colours. You will quickly find yourself falling in love with this dreamy colour palette for your wedding.

Burnt Orange and Grey

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When combined with rich hues like dark grey, burnt orange may quickly become a favourite fall wedding colour. The striking colour immediately brings to mind the stunning fall foliage that Mother Nature provides in September. Additionally, the hue burnt orange has each of the vivid auras required for a wonderful wedding colour scheme.

This colour combination creates a novel notion to be incorporated in your wedding decor because it has a more neutral tint to counterbalance the rich tones of the burnt orange. You might even wish to decorate your table with a variety of orange and grey bridesmaids’ dresses or bouquet accents.

This vibrant combination will make your October wedding a picture-perfect setting for you and your guests no matter what.

Deep Red and Light Grey

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The intense hues of deep red and the impartial tones of light grey make for another striking colour combination. The vivacity of red works beautifully for table centrepieces and even bridesmaid outfits for a sophisticated September wedding. You can create a stylish look for your special day by contrasting the warm fall colours with grey.

When accentuated with light grey and a variety of deep red hues, wedding flowers, table settings, and even altar backdrops may spark conversation. You’ll adore how your gorgeous location is set up with this romantic colour scheme for September.

Final Thoughts

The season of love and cosiness, autumn, officially begins in September. If you’re getting married this month, you’ll want to choose the ideal colour scheme for the decorations during your ceremony and celebration. Fortunately, you have these gorgeous September colour schemes and combinations to help you in your hunt.

There are many colours available for your September wedding, ranging from deep hues of purple and burgundy to delicate tones of champagne and peach. You’ll quickly fall in love with the colour scheme for your very special big day that is inspired by autumn!

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