Cheap Fashionistas’ Favorite Online Clothing Stores.

Being a budget fashionista is difficult now since there are so many online clothing companies selling fast fashion, or inexpensive, stylish clothes meant to be worn for just one season. Because a budget fashionista doesn’t just base her purchases on price, I say that.

A real frugal shopper looks for the best deals. The $50 top you’ll wear 10 times is more appealing to you than the $20 top you’ll wear just once.

As a result, the environment is overrun with ultra-cheap merchants luring us with cheap clothing that may or may not still be usable in three months. We also have to cope with the steady demise of traditional department shops on top of that trend.

How should a fashionista respond? We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of our favourite online apparel retailers for budget fashionistas to aid you in navigating these challenging times.

Top recommendations for the best online clothing retailers



I find myself buying clothes on Amazon more and more often. It’s impossible not to adore the countless options available for women’s apparel, accessories, and shoes. Almost anything is available at almost any price range. The ability to order a box full of clothes and just pay for the ones you keep is known as “Try Before You Buy.”

The disadvantage of purchasing clothing on Amazon is that it’s simple to get lost in the search. You can lose track of what you were looking for if you scroll through 20 pages. My recommendation is to start on the Amazon Fashion page because you may access edited selections from there.

Chico’s Off The Rack

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Chico has an outlet store called Chico’s Off The Rack. Although Chico’s used to be known for being matronly, that reputation is no longer reflected in the assortment. However, you won’t find backless tops or bandage dresses. However, you can also get gorgeous dresses, scarves, jewellery, cardigans, and sweaters.

Additionally, since this is an outlet business, the pricing are fair. Always start by checking the sale page.


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Without the high-fashion prices, Lulu’s offers a high-fashion vibe. The price of new arrivals is often between $40 and $80, however the Lulu sale page frequently has incredible discounts. Another benefit is that Lulu’s carries jumpsuits and fancy gowns (along with swimwear, shoes and accessories). When I have a big occasion on the calendar, it’s one of the first internet stores I check.


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Although Modcloth calls itself a vintage clothing store, you are not required to own cat-eye sunglasses in order to purchase there. The fashions are a little funkier than Dorothy Perkins, but in a good manner. You’ll adore Modcloth if you’re a little weird.

Nasty Gal

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For the younger (at heart or by the clock), more edgy fashionista, there is Nasty Gal. Additionally to items from Bardot, Glamorous, Jaded London, and Love, Courtney by Nasty Gal, this online store provides items from its own Nasty Gal collection. For $15 or less in fashion, frequent the deals.



The Uniqlo range is constant in style and price; you’ll find pieces that are both incredibly wearable and reasonably priced. Almost any fashion void can be filled with items from the Uniqlo line, which ranges in price from $15 bras to $60 down jackets.


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A few years ago, I didn’t like, but now I do. As a more experienced fashionista, I enjoy the collection’s ability to be both cutting-edge and scandalous at the same time. Items like a scarlet houndstooth coat, chic high-waist pants, laid-back hoodies, jeans, and more are available. Prices for the New Arrivals range from $40 to $60, while those for the Sale fall into the teens and $20s.


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A shameless plug for, the store for the Budget Fashionista. Stylish and reasonably priced clothing is available at our store.


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Although I actually prefer to purchase H&M items in-person, the online is still a wonderful place to look for essentials like t-shirts, camis, and tanks.

Old Navy


For essentials, turn to Old Navy. Old Navy has everything you need, whether you need to complete your collection of summer t-shirts, add a few affordable sweaters to your rotation, or stock up on leggings.

True story: I took a two-week trip and discovered early on that I had not brought enough supplies. Although I didn’t want to go overboard with my spending, I wanted additional possibilities. I immediately went to Old Navy and bought everything I needed there for less than $100.

Forever 21

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Some of the criticism directed at Forever 21 is well-deserved. However, my two main issues with Forever21 don’t truly relate to the online shopping procedure. The store is frequently a mess, and the in-store return policy is limited.

However, things are different online! Within 30 days, online purchases may be exchanged, credited, or refunded. Additionally, the website is not concerned with shoddy display tables.


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You are impacted by Zulily’s distinctive business strategy in two different ways. In order to shop, you must first establish an account and log in. And two, it will take two to three weeks for your order to arrive. However, if you’re okay with it, you can get some incredible discounts.

Every day, new items go on sale, and you never know what you might find. I’m currently considering a $160 grey Michael Kors satchel.

Although these online apparel retailers are a bit pricey for regular purchases, you may save a lot by keeping an eye out for deals.

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